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Snowmobile Trail Report

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Area report as of Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 10-12 inches

ZONE 1 on the Lincoln County snowmobile map is OPEN.

Lincoln County state funded snowmobile trails designated as ZONE 3 opened effective 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 30.

Trails designated as winter ATV trails in this area will not open to ATV traffic until 8 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 6. All designated winter ATV trails are closed to ATV use when the temperature is above 28 degrees.

All ZONE 2 state funded snowmobile and winter ATV trails remain closed at this time.

Stay on marked trails only and use caution when riding as some areas are rough and in early season conditions. Be aware of "Trail Closed" signs and respect private land.

Trails are fair, nothing to work with. Suspending grooming, waiting for more snow. A little snow in the forecast. All lakes are now marked. Two areas remain CLOSED: Corridor 17 west of Pankow’s and Corridor 19 north to Spirit Falls/Hwy 86.

Use caution. As always, stay on marked trails.

The Department reminds that the Hiawatha is not open to ATV use, and that the trail will likely be rough due to early season conditions. One other reminder we received from local clubs: please stay off trails that are closed. You not only disrupt the base, but also risk a $250 fine.


Northwoods Passage trails are open. Trails are being groomed, where possible. Trail conditions vary from fair to very good.Only travel on lakes that are marked and stay on marked trails.There still are a few small areas that groomers cannot go through. We need snow like everyone in northern Wisconsin.

PLEASE stay on marked trails and OBEY the warnings and signs.


As of Jan. 28, 2016

Trails are fair or a little bit better with a little more snow the past few days. Will be back out grooming what we can for this weekend. Corridor 17 west of Hwy 107 and Corridor 19 north to Spirit Falls/Hwy 86 has been panned but extremely rough. Use caution. As always, stay on marked trails. Warm temps. this weekend. No atvs when temp is above 28


Reported By: Hodag Sno-Trails

Date of Report: 01/27/2016
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 6-8″

Area Report: We keep getting these 1″ snowfalls that at least help cover the snirty areas. Any little bit helps. We continue to groom the trails to pack down the available snow.

Due to the minimal snow base, there is a range to the conditions. Forest roads are in good shape. The swampy areas that have more of an uneven trail bed are poor/fair, because there just isn’t enough snow to fill all the holes.

Overall, you sure can go out and ride, but they are not in mid-season form at this point.

Due to the low snow conditions, please don’t be tempted and go off the marked trail. It is imperative that we keep our landowners happy. This is especially important in crossing the fields – stay on the marked trails and don’t cut the corners.

****PRICE COUNTY, INCLUDING PRENTICE AND PHILLIPS, reported by Price County Tourism Department

Snowmobile Trail Report - 1/28/16
The trails are groomed and conditions range from very good to fair. One trail is closed due to maintenance for a flooding issue. Some areas of trail are a bit bumpy due to minimal snow cover or the groomer being too heavy to get through some swamp areas. Most lakes have been marked; stay on the beaten path as there may still be thin ice in some areas and frozen ruts. Scroll down for detailed trail condition reports including trail closures, caution areas and logging operations.

The trails remain open to snowmobiling through March 31, 2016.

Winter ATV and UTV riding is allowed on approximately 100 miles of trail; scroll down for details.

All snowmobiles, in-state and out-of-state, will need a trail pass to ride on the trails this season. Visit the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs website for information.

Rider Report - 1/25/16 - We parked in Prentice Sat A.M. and before we were even unloaded a group of local snowmobile club members and groomer drivers stopped by to say hello. Really super helpful and friendly guys! Even invited us to the groomer garage. We went south to Timm's Hill, east and north to the Phillips area and north a ways toward Fifield and then west and south back towards Prentice again. Road for about 6 hrs and were very impressed with the trail conditions considering everything. Started with marginal expectations and was pleasantly surprised almost immediately. Great day of riding and will be sure to do the same again. Mike

Catawba Driftsplitters (southwest Price County) - 1/27/16 - Trail #94 is closed indefinitely as of today for trail maintenance due to a beaver dam creating high water issues. All of the trails were groomed as of 1/25/16. There is logging on Trail #80 west of Kennan. Needle Creek on Trail #181 between Intersections 99 & 100 is passable.

Eisenstein Bushwackers (northeast Price County/Fifield and east of Park Falls) - 1/27/16 - The trails were double groomed on Monday & Tuesday. They are reported to be in good condition for the snow we have.

Elk River Pioneers (Phillips west to Sawyer County - south & west of Soo Lake) - The trails were groomed from Phillips to Soo Lake yesterday and they are in good shape. The trail up to Sawyer County and then to Lugerville will be groomed today as well as the Georgetown Trail and they all should be in good shape for the weekend. Trail 85 to Sawyer County is passable; use caution as it is rough through the swamp area.

Fifield Sno-Drovers (northeast Price County) - 1/22/16 - All of the trails in the Fifield/Pike Lake area are groomed and in good to very good condition. The trails are still a bit bumpy since we still don’t have sufficient snow to fill in the bumps, but all trails are covered and groomed.

Lugerville Chasers (west central Price County) - 1/22/16 - The trails are being groomed today and over the weekend. Last week the trails were packed with snowmobiles and panned. The trail northwest of Soo Lake in the Kimberly Clark area has one very rough section. Use extreme caution. The trails are rated fair to poor, but rideable.

Northwoods Hi-Riders (central Price County/Phillips area) - 1/18/16 - Trails 102, 112, 121, and 141 around Solberg Lake have been groomed as of Thursday, 1/14/16 and are in good condition. The exception is the new trail section on the west side of Solberg Lake out of Roll In Point. It is a little rough, but passable. Also the new section of trail 121 going to Lugerville through Rock Creek area is now rideable, but needs some brushing and grooming. It is a work in process.

Park Falls Sno Gypsies (northeastern Price County) - 1/18/16 - All our trails are fully groomed. The swamps are frozen up and trails are in fair to good condition in spots.

Phillips Chaparrals (Phillips area/Central and east central Price County) - 1/18/16 - There is logging going on NW of Phillips on Trail 161 and part of Trail 90. Watch out for logging equipment.

Prentice Bushbenders (southeast Price County) - 1/25/15 - All trails are groomed and in fair condition. They need more snow.

January 28-30 – Sno-Drovers Poker Run & Breakfast (Sat.), Moose Jaw, Park Falls
January 30 – Northwoods Hi-Riders Radar Speed Run, 10am, Solberg Lake at Roll-in Point, Phillips
January 30 & 31 – Cor PowerSports Cross Country Snowmobile Races, 9 a.m., Wilson Lake at Birch Island Resort, Phillips

WISCONSIN: New Trail Pass Regulations for 2015-2016 Season

All snowmobiles, in-state and out-of-state, will need a trail pass to ride on the trails. Visit the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs website (https://www.awsc.org/Trail-Pass-Registration.aspx) for information:

A $10 (discounted from $30) annual Wisconsin trail pass will be available to people who currently belong to both a Wisconsin snowmobile club and the AWSC. The $10 Trail Pass will be available for each of your Wisconsin-registered snowmobiles.

The ways you can get the $10 trail pass: 

Order online through the AWSC website (www.awsc.org) with a credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).
Walk into the AWSC office during business hours and order with a check or credit/debit card. 
Mail your check or credit card information and form to the AWSC office.


Antique snowmobiles (35 years or older) do not need a trail pass. Non-residents can register antique snowmobiles

Commercial certificate holders (dealer plates) can move the trail pass from one sled to another and therefore do not need to place the pass sticker on the windshield
If the trail pass is purchased from the DNR for $30, then the DNR receipt can be used for the trail pass until the trail pass sticker arrives in the mail. This does not apply to purchases made through AWSC.

Last updated: January 31, 2016

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