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Snowmobile Trail Report

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P.O. Box 285 Tomahawk, WI 54487
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As of March 21, 2019

Effective immediately, Corridor 17 south of the park and ride by intersection #30 and Corridor 19 south of Hwy. 86 by intersection #25 in Zone 1 of Lincoln County's funded snowmobile and winter ATV trails (county administered trails) are closed for the season.

All Zone 2, 3,and 4 snowmobile and winter ATV trails are closed for the season.

All remaining Zone 1 Lincoln County snowmobile and winter ATV trails will close for the season effective at midnight, Sunday, March 24, 2019.

For up-to-date Lincoln County trail conditions, log onto www.co.lincoln.wi.us or call the trail hotline at 715-539-1033.



March 17, 2019

All Northwoods Passage trails are open.

Trails are in poor condition, ride at your own risk.

Warm weather and sunshine is causing melting, then it has been cold at night. When the trails freeze again they are icy with ruts. Roads are bare in many places. This week is predicted to be very warm with sun. Watch for postings as trails may close quickly.

Be careful if you do ride.


Rhinelander Area
As of March 7, 2019
Condition: Excellent
Base: 18-34 inches | Groomed

The brief cold snap really helped the trails set up over the last few days. It took almost all week to get the trails into excellent condition, but most trails were in great shape for the weekend. The groomers will be out regularly to put them in excellent shape this week and going into the weekend. One of the only things to be mindful out there, is with the extremely high snow depth, some of the trail signs are not as visible as usual. Club members and groomer drivers have been working on digging out / replacing signs were appropriate. Please be aware of that as you ride the trails. The trails don’t get much better condition as these. Lake crossings could be a bit rough with all of the snow and minor slushy areas. To plan your snowmobile vacation in the Northwoods, visit www.ExploreRhinelander.com. Visit Hodag Sno Trails Club www.HodagSnoTrails.com and find them on Facebook.


The trails have all been groomed in Park Falls, Fifield and Eisenstein today. Trails in North Price County are still in very nice condition. There is a good base, but after this weekend the weather may take its final toll. The clubs did a great job this season keeping the trails in the best shape they have been in for years. Thanks to all the people that work all Year round providing the BEST trails around.

Sno Gypsies 3/15/2019
The Club has been out grooming all day and the trails are still in excellent condition. Some icy spots but a great base. Get out and enjoy the area

Eisenstein Bushwackers 3/15/2019
Trails are very good as of today we have double groomed all Bushwacker trails. The trails will take a turn after the weather warms up again. Get out and ride this weekend, it may be the last of the year. Thank You from the Bushwackers.

Fifield Sno Drovers 3/15/2019
The trails are still amazing! Our groomers are out now making our 78 miles of trails still some of the best around. Ride now or it may be next year!

Prentice Bush Benders trail report 3/14/2019
With the warm weather and rain the last few days the trail conditions will vary greatly depending on where they are at. There will be overflow conditions from snow melt and rain scattered through out our trail system so use extreme caution when riding. We are no longer grooming on a regular basis and will only be grooming when temperatures and weather permit for the remaining 17 days before the trails close. As always, be safe and have fun. Follow our club on Facebook for pictures and updates on club activities. Thank you, Prentice Bush Benders.


WISCONSIN TRAIL PASS REGULATIONS, from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:

Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and continues to offer some of the best snowmobiling opportunities you are likely to find, especially in northern Wisconsin. More than 200,000 registered snowmobiles hit Wisconsin's 25,000 miles of groomed trails each winter, making safety an important part of the ride. Ride smart from the start - take a snowmobile safety course!

If you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1985, and are at least age 12, you must complete a snowmobile safety certification course to operate a snowmobile on Wisconsin public snowmobile trails and areas. DNR recreational safety specialists recommend snowmobile operators complete a safety course.

•$30 for a three-year registration
•purchase and display of an annual trail pass required to use public trails;
•a $20 savings off the standard $30 trail pass fee for members of both a snowmobile club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs; and
•nonresident trail passes will increase from $35 to $50.

The fee structure supports local trail maintenance and will generate additional revenue for the state snowmobile program fund.

Last updated: March 21, 2019

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