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Snowmobile Trail Report

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As of Friday, Feb. 1, 2019

Lincoln County's funded snowmobile trails in Zone 3 opened as of noon Feb. 1, 2019. Winter ATV trails in Zone 3 will remain closed unto noon Feb. 8. Trails are in early season condition and may be rough and icy in some areas.

All of Zone 1 funded snowmobile and winter ATV trails are open except Trail 86 south of Hwy. 86. Zone 1 trails are currently in good condition.

Refer to a current snowmobile trail map as all trails in Zones 2 and 4 will remain closed at this time due to a lack of snow.

All trails are closed to winter ATV use when the temperature is above 28 degrees F.

Be aware of Trail Closed signs, stay on marked trails only and respect private land.

Timber harvesting is occurring in various locations along the trails; be aware of Logging Ahead signs and use extreme caution in these areas.

For up-to-date Lincoln County trail conditions, log on to www.co.lincoln.wi.us or call the Trail Hotline at 715-539-1033.



Feb. 14, 2019

All Northwoods Passage trails are open.

Trails are in very good to excellent condition. Snow, well we are officially buried. It has been quite a project just to dig out.

Stay on packed trails, unless you have a deep snow sled and are experienced at riding it.

Groomers are running are running daily. Check the groomer tracking system at gts.groomertrackingsystems.com.

You may find some slush on the lakes caused by additional snow weight. Again, stay on trails.

Be careful and enjoy.


As of Jan. 28, 2019, the Hodag SnoTrails Club (Rhinelander) reports good trail conditions with 4-6 inches of hard pack.

Wow, the trails are in better shape than originally identified. Combined riding the trails in the area and grooming last night, my observations are putting them at “good” (with some very good areas). The majority of the trails are flat and have good cover. The fields still could use some snow, because they are wind blown. The Enterprise trail (15 south of hwy 8) has some sections of logging.

The fresh snow last night and today will just help build the base.

The traffic flow has been fairly light in the area. As a result, the trails are really staying in good shape. The regular grooming schedule is smoothing them out nightly.

Please stay on all marked trails and ride safe. We have had way too many serious accidents this season in the northwoods.

Contact Information:
Oneida County Snowmobile Council President, Jim Wendt 715-891-1610
Oneida County Chamber of Commerce, 715-365-7464


Sno Drovers 1/30/19
The Sno Drovers’ trails in the Pike Lake area continue to be in good condition. The extreme cold is keeping our grooming to a minimum until it warms a bit. We’ve gotten a little new snow which certainly helps, but plan on areas of trails with small rocks on the surface as the snow is still quite thin. These wide-spread areas is what keeps me from calling the trails very good. No bare spots and all the swamps are frozen (no kidding!). All trails are quite smooth.

Logging continues on Trail 120 south of the big swamp and Fould’s Creek Rd and on Trail 108 between Trail 101 and highway 70. Take these slowly and expect icy conditions and logging equipment.

Sno Gypsies 1/25/2019
As of today all of the Sno Gypsy trails have now been groomed twice this week. Trails are in good condition. With no real bare areas or to much ice. The addition of a few inches of snow helped as well. Get out and enjoy our trails and our local Bars and restaurants. Ride safe and have fun.

Prentice Bush Benders 01/24/2019
We have received a few inches of snow over the last few days. This will help improve the trails somewhat, but they remain in fair condition in the wooded areas and poor condition with minimal snow coverage in the open areas. They are still in early season riding condition with some rough spots so use caution when riding. As of today we will start our normal grooming schedule and will be out every day panning/grooming while conditions allow. The trails to the South and East have the most snow cover and all creeks and swamps remain frozen. There is logging on trail 181 East of Prentice and on trail 116 around County Road K. Ride safe and have fun.

Eisenstein Bushwackers 1/22/2019
Groomed all Bushwacker Trails 101,103,104-105,110,and 111. We didn't get a lot of snow and switched to our new mogul Master Trail drag. Trails are good condition. The mogul takes the bumps off much better than the other drag. You can see this on here 105 trail is good get out and enjoy our trails Our club and our Neighbors the Sno Gypsies work very hard to give you the best possible ride. Enjoy and Thank you from the Eisenstein Bushwackers. keep speeds down enjoy the scenery


WISCONSIN TRAIL PASS REGULATIONS, from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:

Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and continues to offer some of the best snowmobiling opportunities you are likely to find, especially in northern Wisconsin. More than 200,000 registered snowmobiles hit Wisconsin's 25,000 miles of groomed trails each winter, making safety an important part of the ride. Ride smart from the start - take a snowmobile safety course!

If you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1985, and are at least age 12, you must complete a snowmobile safety certification course to operate a snowmobile on Wisconsin public snowmobile trails and areas. DNR recreational safety specialists recommend snowmobile operators complete a safety course.

•$30 for a three-year registration
•purchase and display of an annual trail pass required to use public trails;
•a $20 savings off the standard $30 trail pass fee for members of both a snowmobile club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs; and
•nonresident trail passes will increase from $35 to $50.

The fee structure supports local trail maintenance and will generate additional revenue for the state snowmobile program fund.

Last updated: February 14, 2019

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