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Security Services

Tomahawk Fire Department
West Somo Avenue
Tomahawk, WI 54487
The Tomahawk Fire Department serves a 350 square mile area consisting of the northern portion of Lincoln County and part of the southern portion of Oneida County. In addition to the city of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, the department covers all of five surrounding townships and a portion of a sixth. The department carries a roster of 28, with an additional 4 'auxiliary' junior firefighters, and provides an area population of approximately 10,000 with fire suppression services and a variety of rescue services including extrication, haz-mat response, dive rescue/recovery (open water and under ice) and confined space rescue/recovery. The department also offers award-winning fire prevention programs along with fire inspection programs and an arson investigation team.
Lincoln County Sheriff's Department-Emergency911
Tomahawk Police Station715-453-2121

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