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Fishing Report

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October 6, 2018

“Fall Fishing Proves Finicky!”

My report starts during the middle of September. I took my kids out for a little fishing adventure. We had a beautiful day with sun and clouds, warm air temps lower 80’s, and water temp 71 to 75 degrees. You might think with warm weather, fishing would be tough, but not the case with the water being cooler compared to midsummer. We found bait-fish in the shallows big time! We cast jigs and spinners in these places. The result was catching the “snot” out of the fish! We caught pike, smallmouth bass, lots of slab crappie, and many beautiful legal walleye that were released! What a great day to share with my family!

A few days later, I took my kids out fishing again. Weather was sunny, southwest winds, air mid 50’s and water 62 to 63 degrees. Right off the bat we got bites and caught slab crappies and nice walleyes. My daughter Halle landed her best crappie at 14.5” great job! My son Isaac released 12.5” crappie and 24+” pike on his “dare devil” lure; great job! Good release! This was a short outing today but we had great success!

Over the weekend I took a client fishing. Weather was supposed to be mostly cloudy, but that changed to be mostly sunny, with wind south to southeast, air temperatures at 64 and water 61 to 66 degrees. A few musky baits were cast midmorning such as top water, suick, bucktail, and rubber baits. Good cabbage weed beds were fished but nothing was moving. Most likely the body of water that we were on the skis were not active. We switched gears and checked out the walleye and crappie bite. We had success right away catching nice slab crappies and keeping only a few for a nice meal. Then it was congrats to David! He caught and released a 14” slab crappie! During the early afternoon we hit some weed edges and found a good number of pike, smallmouth bass, and keeper walleyes that were on the bite! Big walleye of day nice 21” release. We had a great afternoon of catching multi species of fish!

This week clients and I fished crappie and walleye. Weather was warm, low 70’s in the afternoon, but with strong southerly winds at 10-20 mph and the higher gust of wind that made fishing tough! We spent a good part of the day fishing wind-blown shorelines with soft-plastics catching only a few fish. We ended up with a nice catch of slab crappie and legal walleyes. The key to our success was finding good areas of bait-fish where we were protected from the wind. Congrats to John and Lee! We had a great day of fishing while practicing selective harvest!
The first week in October clients and I fished walleye and crappie. Weather conditions were mostly cloudy to a rainy afternoon, air temperatures in the 50’s midday, south to southeast winds at 5 to 15 mph, and water 51 to 56 degrees. We started out casting jigs and minnows for walleye and crappie in channel areas. Bites were slow but Dave got us started with a nice crappie. Great job! Later as the day turned warmer, the fish started to turn on. We moved a little shallower and started catching walleye and crappie on jig and minnows and also slip-bobber rigs tipped with lively minnows. Legal walleyes were also caught on plastics. We caught fish on these methods, but artificial outperformed live bait. Northern pike were feeding in the mix too. The largest was in the 32 to 34” range that was released. Large and smallmouth are being caught on cranks and jigs. The afternoon rain moved in and shut down the bait. Congrats to John and Dave! We had a great day on the water!

If you are looking for a day on the water, give me a call at 715-966-1821. Well that wraps it up for this time. This is Roman Derleth reminding you: don’t slack off, and always keep your line tight!Last updated: October 15, 2018

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