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Fishing Report

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September 10, 2016

“Fisherman Battle Weather, Wind, and Walleyes!”

I went out the first weekend in September and conditions had south winds at 5-15 mph and gusty in the afternoon with water temperatures between 70 and 74 degrees. Clients and I started fishing the mud bottom areas in the morning casting jigs. The bite was slow with cool morning air temps, but then Tracy got us going with the first keeper walleye! Great job! With a light chop still holding on, we got into slab crappies between 12 and 12 ˝”. Some of the bites were hard to catch, but we managed to get a few. Next we hit some weedy areas and Jason found himself setting the hook on some beautiful crappies. With the wind increasing, I looked over my shoulder and saw Tracy’s pole bending over. I quickly grabbed the net and scooped up a beautiful 19” walleye! Awesome job! In the late afternoon with the gusty winds, we tucked up behind an island to get out of the wind. A dandy 18 ˝”+ walleye was harvested and Jason finished the day off with a pike. Congratulations to Jason and Tracy! We had a good day.
A couple of days later, clients had an interesting week in the fishing world with many weather changes and tough winds. In the morning we had south to southwest winds at 10-25 mph and very gusty. Skies were overcast and water temperatures ranged between 68 and 71 degrees. Right off the bat, clients and I were making a drift and with the gusty winds, it made it hard to control the boat. The fish were not biting and a lot of battery power was being used. We found a little place out of the wind and got bites. Lost some fish, caught some fish, and ended up with one nice keeper walleye. We made a few more casts on a windy shoreline, getting more short biters. We decided to head in early and try it again the second half of the day. Congrats to Brad, Blair, and John for braving the elements. The evening bite was slow with stiff winds again. It looked good for a moment at the start with a keeper walleye and slab crappie, but the bite didn’t improve until the winds diminished at dark. When this happened, we scored some keeper walleyes and a perch.

Later in the week, I was back out with the gang. More of the same weather but gusty winds out of the west 10-18 mph. In the morning we had the weather clearing fast and a little bite going with a couple sub walleyes and then Kristine got it going with a slab crappie and pike. Excellent job! John scored a nice keeper walleye! Fantastic! We then moved out deeper and there were marked fish on the sonar and cast out some live bait, but no go. We stuck with the jigs and plastic and John and Kristine pumped in some good slab crappies! Congratulations to John and Kristine; they fished like troopers. The evening run wound down a little. Skies totally cleared and the bite was super slow. We fished deep getting some light bites and then John got a slab crappie! We moved shallow toward dark and found a nice school of walleyes in a windy corner. We had a problem with keeping the nicer ones staying on the hook, but John was able to catch a nice eater. ‘Atta boy John! We made a few more casts and couldn’t get another bite after the sun went down, then decided to wrap things up. Even though we had short on and off trips fishing the tough weather and bite, our result was a nice harvest of quality fish. Way to go Brad and John! John gets the trophy for the final day!

This weekend, I am heading west to do some elk hunting and a whole lot of trout fishing. Hope to bring back plenty of meat, fish, pictures, and stories to share with you!

If you are looking for a day out fishing, give me a call at 715-966-1821. Remember to check out my Facebook page at Buck’s Taxidermy and Guide Service. Well, that wraps it up for this time.
This is Roman Derleth reminding you, “Don’t slack off and always keep your line tight!”Last updated: September 11, 2016

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