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Fishing Report

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March 7, 2019

“And the Snow Just Keeps on Coming!”

My ice fishing report starts the middle of February and runs currently the first part of March. At the end of February, clients and I set up for walleye and pike during the morning. Weather included high pressure with sun to clouds, teens below zero in the am and 25 above in the afternoon with east northeast winds light at 5 mph. You could say this was the first nice day of the month for a good long stretch! We set up tip-ups in 4 to 11’ depths with sucker and shiner minnows. Right off the bat smaller walleye and pike were caught and released. Midmorning with the sun warming all heck broke loose. Northern pike went on a feeding frenzy! The first set line was spooled out then Paul set the hook and the battle was on! After a couple of minutes the water was moving in the hole and I knew a good fish was coming! Paul landed a beautiful fat 31” pike that was released! Awesome job Paul! Then Paul released a 25 1/2” pike! Dennis scored and released a 23-1/2” pike fantastic! In the mix we had a couple of medium pike for harvest, other flags, missing hooks, and bait from other bites. This bite lasted about an hour to an hour and a half. The midafternoon was the lull of the day; this gave us a chance to rest, eat, catch up on good conversations and prepare for the walleye run near dark. Just before dark Dennis landed a beautiful 17” walleye on a small minnow in 13’ of water great job! Paul landed his 17” walleye just after dark fantastic! This was definitely Paul’s day! After that couple of light bites and smaller walleye release we decided to wrap things up. Congrats to Dennis and Paul! We had a great day!

Prior to all these trips you are reading about it’s been a lot of plowing, snow blowing, shoveling for days just to make it out fishing! Thank you to my good buds Jerrod and Rick and Marcus for helping out! And to everybody that helped along the way! Really appreciate it!! The next weekend getting ready for clients. Weather east southeast to north northeast winds breezy am heavier snow, calm afternoon, then breezy evening with big storm approaching upper 20’s high. First light the shack going and holes drilled after that it was time to do some plowing because we received 4 to 5”instead of 1 inch that was predicted. This is how the winter has gone since the snow has started.

Midmorning the gang all arrived. We caught smaller pike right off the bat and had some minnow robbers also. Late morning we put out more lines because we had a large group. Tip-ups were set up with lively minnows from 6 to 13’ depths. We also drilled holes for jigging in. Middle of the day snow ended and the pike were feeding. Everybody got a chance to catch a pike or two. Smaller fish were feeding in “spurts”. Don’t know why we thought maybe the first weather front was big enough to knock down or keep the quality fish from being active! Afternoon bite was slow, but we were having a good time enjoying some quiet weather before the big storm. Just before dark walleyes were not feeding like they normally do most likely because the pressure was wrong and they most likely fed late before the storm. We had couple of light bites. After supper Cody landed beautiful walleye in the 16 to 17’’ range awesome job! Later we were able to muster up a sub walleye that was released. As the evening got later the wind was increasing we decided as a group to wrap things up. Would be fun to see the bite pick up before weather turned nasty, but getting everybody home safe is more important than catching a few fish! Congrats to Mitch, Ben, Casey, Andy, Eric, Cody, and Andy! We had a great time!

After the storm passed it was clean up time with around 19-24” in a 24 hour period. The lake roads were drifted in a good 3’ after having wind gust in the 50+ mph range! It was another long week of plowing, snow blowing, shoveling snow. This past weekend was the last chance for walleye and pike unless you can get out on the rivers. Clients and I went out for a last chance pike and walleye. The day started out last weekend with fresh blanket of snow, but the sun took over for rest of the day. I also got stuck with chained up wheeler in the slush holes. That was the last straw! Got my friends Can-Am with tracks and drove out with ease! The track machine made checking tip-ups easier without the trails you would have to wear snow shoes! We put out our lines in the usual spots. Lively sucker minnows were working and getting action. Flags were going up and Tom started catching fish. A nice 22’’ pike was kept for dinner. Fish and later a nice pike was released great job! In between catching pike and waiting for walleye to start, we chipped the ice house out of about 6’’of ice which happened in a weeks’ time because of all the new snow! Just before dark our run of walleye started. Tom got a chance to catch walleye. We were 2 for 3 including a nice keeper for the pan! Not bad considering the conditions of the lake and all the recent weather patterns. Congrats to Tom! We had a great time! Current ice conditions: Last time measured 27 to 30’’ thick. Snow depth knee deep to waist deep depending where you are and slush underneath. If you choose to fish go with another person on snowmobile or track machine and don’t go too far! Snowmobile trails are a good bet now while cold, or make your own trail and let it freeze. Just a reminder ice shacks need to be off up here in the northwoods the weekend of March 16th. This week we pulled off our houses. Special thanks to my great friends Jerrod, Rick, and Tassler Timber!! Good luck fisherman be safe!

If you are looking for a day on the ice, give me a call at 715-966-1821. Well that wraps it up for this time. This is Roman Derleth reminding you: don’t slack off, and always keep your line tight!Last updated: March 10, 2019

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