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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events
Start DateEnd DateEvent Description
2-3-20144-30-2014Public school open enrollment
Wisconsin’s public school open enrollment application period runs from Feb. 3 to April 30 for the 2014-15 school year, allowing parents an opportunity to send their children to any public school district in the state. Wisconsin’s public school open enrollment application period runs from Feb. 3 to April 30 for the 2014-15 school year, allowing parents an opportunity to send their children to any public school district in the state. To assist parents in submitting open enrollment applications, a directory of public school districts is available on the DPI website at http://dpi.wi.gov/directories. More information is available from local school districts or from an open enrollment consultant at DPI at 888-245-2732 (toll-free), or openenrollment@dpi.wi.gov.
2-25-20145-4-2014Ecumenical Choir
Singers are invited to participate in the annual Spring Concert Series performed by the Community Ecumenical Choir. Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. beginning Feb. 25 at the Ogema Baptist Church, State Road 86. Concerts are scheduled Sundays, April 27 and May 4. For more information, contact this spring’s director, Rebecca Lovejoy, at 715-340-2324.
3-3-20144-21-2014Genealogical Adventure
A “Beginning Your Genealogical Adventure” class will be offered Monday evenings from 5:30 to 8 p.m. beginning March 3 and running through April 21 at T. B. Scott Library, Merrill. Maximum class size is 12 and the class will be taught by Sharon Karow. There is a small fee for the eight-week session. A booklet is included. For more information contact Sharon at 715-536-6903 or at SLKarow9@aol.com.
4-14-20144-22-2014Government Meetings
Monday, April 14 – Town of Rock Falls Annual Meeting, 6:30 p.m., town hall. Monthly town meeting to follow.

Tuesday, April 15 – School District of Tomahawk, Notice of Curriculum Committee Meeting, 5 p.m., Elementary Room 133. Agenda includes: Middle School Chromebook Update; Middle School Scheduling Update.

Tuesday, April 15 – School District of Tomahawk, Notice of Operations Committee Meeting, 6 p.m., Middle School Library. Agenda includes: Request for Food Service Collaboration; Technology Long-Range Plan.

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Tomahawk Planning and Zoning Commission, 8 a.m., City Hall, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: inspector’s and Community Development Authority reports; site plan approval – Lincoln Avenue (old hospital), Milestone Senior Living, Memory Care, Assisted Living.

Tuesday, April 15 – Lincoln County Board of Supervisors, 8 a.m., Service Center, Merrill. Agenda includes: certificate of election; oath of office; election of chair, vice-chair; elective committees elections (highway, social services, personnel, administrative and legislative); appoint nominating committee, set time for appointing committees; recess; ratification of committee appointments; service recognitions, outgoing board members: Bruce Geise, Ray Bloomer, David Fox, Frank Saal Jr.; service recognitions (20 years, Burl Byer, highway department; 35 years, Sara Sabatke, Pine Crest Nursing Home); reappoint Gail Schneider, Sue Weith, Dr. Jeffrey Moore to board of health, and Jeff West to civil service grievance committee; resolutions (request for proposal, feasibility study, Lincoln County Fairgrounds, using portion of funds from grandstand insurance claim; payments in settlement of Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co. and Teske Farms, Inc. claims; filling authorized position, highway department; approve use of funds, $6,000 from grandstand insurance proceeds to assist rodeo committee, event seating costs; Department of Natural Resources targeted runoff management grant funds requests-Brad Juedes, Park Ave. dairy-animal waste management project).

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Tomahawk Board of Public Works, 5 p.m., City Hall, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: Pelican sweeper purchase; 2014 asphalt bids; five year capital improvements plan; Kings Road/Kings Hill Drive, tree removal to prevent power outages request; East Wisconsin Avenue, stop sign request; director’s report.

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Tomahawk Solid Waste and Recycling, 5:45 p.m., City Hall, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: recycling reward system; review 2013 recycling numbers; 2014 recycling grant.

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Tomahawk License and Permits Committee, 6 p.m., City Hall, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: Class B Beer and Class C Wine liquor licenses, Wurl-Feind Veterans of Foreign Wars, 203 S. Fourth St.

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Tomahawk Finance Committee, 6:30 p.m., City Hall, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: checks, withdrawals; financial, water and sewer utility commission, community development authority reports; 329 Bradley Farm Road (property owned by city); N. Fourth St. right of way; 2014 budget amendment (revenues/expenditures for joint municipal court; fire department request, expend amount not to exceed $300,000 from fire department reserve fund; agenda policies/procedures).

Tuesday, April 15 – Nicolet Area Technical College District Board, 5 p.m., Nicolet College, Rhinelander. Agenda includes: industrial mechanical technician program overview; outstanding service awards presentation.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Bradley Annual Meeting, 5:30 p.m., town hall, regular town board meeting following, with agenda to include: pulverizing, crack filling and blacktop proposals; cemetery computer.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Nokomis Annual Meeting, 6 p.m., town hall. Agenda includes: 2013 financial report; fire department, town chairman reports; any other concerns of residents.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Birch Annual Meeting, 6:30 p.m., town hall.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Harrison Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., town hall. Monthly board meeting, 6:15 p.m.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of King Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., town hall. Agenda includes: 2013 annual meeting minutes; 2013 treasurer report; 2013 financial statement; set 2015 annual meeting date.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Russell Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., town hall.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Tomahawk Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., town hall.

Tuesday, April 15 – Town of Wilson Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., town hall. Agenda includes: 2013 financial reports; residents’ issues, comments, suggestions, set date for 2015 annual meeting. Regular town meeting to follow, agenda includes: 1. request to use vacation home as rental for summer/winter tourist use; 2. storage shed to be built on Honey Road property.

Tuesday, April 15 – City of Merrill Common Council Reorganization, 7 p.m., City Hall, Merrill. Agenda includes: interviews, appointment, oath of office for alderperson, Eighth Aldermanic District; president election, Common Council; alderperson election, City Plan Commission; resolutions designating official newspaper, official depositories, honoring Steve Hass and Anne Caylor for extended service, great contribution; closed session (potential acquisition of land by City); open session.

Wednesday, April 16 – Oneida County Commission on Aging Nominations Subcommittee, 9 a.m., Keenan Street, Rhinelander. Agenda includes: applications, nomination.

Wednesday, April 16 – North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board Executive Committee, 9 a.m., Post Road, Stevens Point. Agenda includes: PY14 preliminary allocations for WIA, RFP revisions; strategic planning process; closed session (executive director’s performance review); open session.

Wednesday, April 16 – Lincoln County Housing Authority, 10 a.m., Housing Authority office, Tomahawk. Agenda includes: occupancy, maintenance reports.

Wednesday, April 16 – Oneida County Planning and Development, 12:30 p.m., closed session (animal complaint, town of Crescent); open session; 1 p.m., regular meeting, draft survey questions, proposed changes; amend/eliminate, section 9.98, piers, other berth structures, shoreland bulk requirements; zoning districts changes; ordinance amendment, non-metallic mining reclamation; spring soil testing refresher, Treehaven, Tomahawk.

Wednesday, April 16 – City of Merrill Housing Authority, 4 p.m., Jenny Towers, Merrill. Agenda includes: move-ins/outs; Westgate updates; GPNA preliminary information; vacancy, redevelopment, Park Place; Charter cable rates, wiring options; legal counsel, property concerns updates; closed session (legal matters).

Wednesday, April 16 – T.B. Scott Free Library Board of Trustees, 4 p.m., Library, Merrill. Agenda includes: conflict of interest policy; proposed fines, fees; endowment fund, building and grounds requests; strategic plan progress.

Wednesday, April 16 – Nicolet Area Technical College District Board Appointment Committee and Public Hearing, 4 p.m., Nicolet College, Rhinelander. Agenda includes: public hearing, introduction of candidates, statement/interview; public testimony; plan of representation; candidates’ qualifications; closed session (candidates); open session; appointment of District Board members.

Wednesday, April 16 – City of Merrill Airport Commission, 7 p.m., Merrill Airport. Agenda includes: terminal project status; 2006 project update; fixed base operator/airport manager search report; aviation happenings.

Thursday, April 17 – Merrill Area Community Enrichment Center, Committee on Aging, 8 a.m., City Hall, Merrill. Agenda includes: AARP tax assistance completion; Kate’s Kids Adventures; April 26 Tomahawk event; ageless wisdom, meal program, shuttle bus, strategic plan, ADRC representative updates.

Monday, April 21 – Nicolet Area Technical College Culinary Arts Advisory Committee, 11:30 a.m., upcoming state RSA for culinary arts; address cards for Top of the Hill; WRA competition.

Monday, April 21 – Tomahawk School Board special meeting (retreat), 5 p.m., Tomahawk Elementary School Room 133. Agenda includes: review Baird model projections; additional long-range budget; options moving forward; strategy discussion, public comment.

Tuesday, April 22 – Town of Schley Annual Meeting, 7 p.m., Town Hall.
4-18-20144-18-2014Good Friday service
Special Good Friday service open to public Northwoods Vineyard Church, 418 Kaphaem Rd., invites the public for a presentation of “The Twelve Voices of Easter” to be performed on Good Friday, April 18 at 7 p.m. The service is free and open to all religions and all ages. In Christ’s hours of dark sorrow, from His arrest in the garden to His agonizing death on the cross, friends and followers abandoned Him and foes assailed Him. Yet voices of faith and adoration were still heard among the uncelebrated players in the Easter story – a common criminal, a Roman soldier and a weary traveler. This original drama, written by Dr. Woodrow Kroll, has been abridged for this special presentation and is sure to enrich your understanding of Easter, planners note. They say, “Join us on Good Friday for this unique and moving glimpse of Easter from the perspective of the characters involved in the most pivotal event in human history.” In addition to the dramatization, the service will include a time of praise and prayer. For more information, call the church office at 715-453-6700.
4-19-20144-19-2014Annual Nokomis Egg Hunt
The Nokomis Fire Department will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 19, beginning at 1 p.m.,at the fire station on County Road L. Children ages 9 and under are invited to search for eggs. There also will be food and a fi re prevention presentation that includes Smokey Bear and wildfires.
4-20-20144-20-2014Free Easter Sunday meal
St. Paul Lutheran Church is hosting the fifth annual free Tomahawk Community Easter Dinner to be held at Rodeway Inn and Suites (the former location was SARA Park, but could not be used due to frozen pipes) on Easter Sunday, April 20. “We will be serving a robust meal of ham, potatoes, coleslaw, corn, rolls and yummy desserts,” note organizers Chris Kincaid and Susan Garrison. Dinner will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A freewill offering will be taken and given to the Tomahawk and Nokomis food pantries. Home deliveries are available for shut-ins and people with disabilities. Call 715-453-5391 to make arrangements. “The meal is for all community members to share in a wonderful holiday together,” Kincaid and Garrison say.
4-23-20144-23-2014Men in the Kitchen
H.A.V.E.N. Inc. presents its ninth annual Men in the Kitchen April 23 at 5 p.m. at St. Stephen’s United Church of Christ, 903 E. 2nd St., Merrill. Tickets are $35 per plate. Call HAVEN at 715-536-1300 for tickets or further details
4-26-20144-26-2014Expressions of Compassion meeting
Expressions of Compassion will be held April 26 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tomahawk School complex, 1048 E Kings Rd. The free all-day expo-style event will bring together more than 40 area ministries, offering help, information and share resources with those in the surrounding communities who are in need or at-risk. Contact Patti Dremler at 715-432-8038 or info.Pdremler@msn.com for more information.
4-26-20144-26-2014Tomahawk High School Prom
The Tomahawk High School Junior Prom 2014 will be held Saturday, April 26 from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. The theme is Masquerade. The Grand March and crowning of king and queen will be at 9:30 p.m. Spectators may enter beginning at 9 p.m. by door #2 near the high school gymnasium.The admission for spectators is $5 per person.
5-17-20145-17-2014Chocolate for the Soul
The Women on the Wings of Faith will sponsor Sheri Rose Shepherd, beauty queen/author/speaker, at a Chocolate for the Soul event Saturday, May 17. Cost is $15 for girls 12-18 years and $20 for anyone older, and includes a lunch. The fee goes up after Feb. 28. Young girls/women are encouraged to wear a pretty dress, as she may be picked to be Shepherd’s assistant for the day. Check http://www.womenonthewingsoffaith.net/, or contact Teri at 715-218-7776, or Helen at 715-612-0445.
5-17-20145-17-2014Chocolate for the Soul
Women love the taste and effect of chocolate, so “Chocolate for the Soul” may be what you are looking for, says Teri Cernoch, one of the organizers of a May 17 event. “Sheri Rose Shepherd is an award-winning author and speaker who will touch your heart with her humorous heartwarming and inspiring words. The-one day conference is $25 for women, $15 for girls ages 12-18 and includes a Princess for the Day for one fortunate girl. Registration includes lunch and a chocolate fountain May 17 at the Tomahawk School District auditorium. This is a women’s conference sponsored by Women on the Wings of Faith. Call Cernoch at 715-218-7776 or log onto www.womenonthewingsoffaith.net.
5-17-20145-17-2014Spring Fling
Spring Fling, a Northwoods Passage event at Schaefer’s Wharf, On Lake Nokomis, 1969 County Road L, Tomahawk. Information: 715-453-2768
5-25-20145-25-2014Aurora Poker Run Drawing
Aurora Poker Run Drawing held by Northwoods Passage Snowmobile Club at Twin Bay Resort, 2173 County Road L, on Lake Nokomis, Tomahawk. Information: 715-453-2679. Northwoods Passage is sponsoring a season long poker run called the Aurora Run. Starting with RR Gators' Slush Run on Dec. 28, you can purchase a $15 ticket and accumulate points by attending different Northwoods Passage events. Talk to a Northwoods Passage member for more information.
7-19-20147-19-2014Pontoon Poker Run
Pontoon Poker Run, a Northwoods Riders event on Lake Nokomis. Hands turned in at The Landing, 10440 Camp Rice Point Rd, on Lake Nokomis,Tomahawk. Information: 715-453-8381
8-16-20148-16-2014Golf Outing
Northwoods Passage Snowmobile Club Golf Outing at Inshalla Country Club, N11060 Clear Lake Rd., Tomahawk, 715-453-3130, and Schaefer’s Wharf, 1969 County Road L, Tomahawk, 715-453-2768.
Noodle-Rama held by Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club at Schaefer’s Wharf, 1969 County Road L, Tomahawk. Information: 715-453-2768.
11-15-201411-15-2014Gun Raffle
Northwoods Passage Snowmobile Club Gun Raffle at Schaefer’s Wharf, 1969 County Road L, Tomahawk. Information: 715-453-2768.
Ongoing Events
Treehaven programs
The environmental education and conference center is located off County Road A in Tomahawk. Forestry GIS – Feb. 24, March 10, March 31, April 14, April 28. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point GIS Center, in partnership with Treehaven, is offering a five-day GIS and GPS Applications in Forestry course. These classes are designed specifically for individuals seeking to become or who already are professional foresters.
Beginning Your Genealogical Adventure
Discover your roots! Have you always wanted to learn more about how to research your family history? An experienced member of the North Pines Genealogy Group is offering a beginners class, “Beginning Your Genealogical Adventure,” Monday evenings, March 3 through April 21 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at T.B. Scott Library in Merrill. Class size is limited. To register, contact Sharon Karow at 715-536-6903 or SLKarow9@aol.com.

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